Biosafety, our competence for maximum safety

There is a need to improve protection against biological risks and threats both at national and international levels. This is especially relevant in view of the enormous progress made in biotechnology and developments expected in this field in future. One of the key elements of biosafety is the ability to detect pathogens that can lead either to their conscious use or their natural bio-occurrence (epidemic, bio-terrorism). In the commercial sector as well as in the military field, there is now an undisputed need for suitably equipped laboratories where work can be carried out safely with highly pathogenic microorganisms.

The design and construction of such biosafety laboratories with Biosafety Level 2-4 (BSL4: microorganisms, usually with lethal effect) place high demands on the capabilities of design engineers. As building designers specializing in clean room technology we have the necessary knowledge and experience. This is proven by our project design order for the Spiez laboratory BSL 2-4 (there are only 15 BLS4 labs), or our consultant mandate for the construction of the Novartis Institute for Tropical Diseases in Singapore BSL3.

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