Arnold Brunner, Consultant, is an active member of several industrial organisations to do with standardisation work in Switzerland and abroad.

Member of the working group for Hospital Guideline SIA 382/8 "Ventilation and air-conditioning systems in hospital buildings - Technical requirements" "

CH delegate in the "Experts' Committee on Clean Room Technology" of the Association of German Engineers

Chairman of working group for Filter Guideline SWKI 96-4
"Use of filters in air-conditioning systems"

Chairman of working group Hospital Guideline 99-3 "Heating and clean room systems in hospital buildings"  

CH delegate of VDI Guideline 2167 Page 1
"Technical building services in hospitals – heating and air-conditioning systems

CH delegate of VDI Guideline 6022 Page 1
"Hygiene requirements for HVAC systems – comfort zones"

CH delegate of VDI Guidelines 2083 Page 4 "Clean room technology - Design, construction and first commissioning"

 CH delegate at ISO-TC 209/ WG4, ISO 14644-4: 2001: Clean rooms and associated clean room areas Page 4 "Design, construction and first commissioning"

CH delegate of VDI Guidelines 2083 Page 12 "Clean room technology - Safety and environmental aspects"