Company History

Vadea AG is a powerful engineering office with a wide range of expertise and practical experience. It arose from Brunner Haustechnik AG and the in-house planning department of Hälg & Co. AG. Both companies specialised in the design and planning of highly complex, functional engineering systems for buildings to make them them capable of efficient and sustainable operation. Since the merger in January 2017, the conception and coordination of all re-quirements for energy and building technology has been handled at two sites (Wallisellen and St.Gallen).

The highest quality engineering office in Switzerland
Vadea AG represents a single umbrella combining the existing core business for planning conventional building services with speciality expertise required in the fields of pharmaceuticals, cleanroom technology, hospital construction, swimming pool technology and fire protection. Vadea AG pursues a clear objective as an established planning expert for energy and building technology: The company intends to become one of the highest quality engineering offices in Switzerland. This vision embedded in the group's aim is supported by the around 50 employees, and one of the particular skills they all have in common is the ability for far-sighted planning. They all share a curiosity for technological advancements and integrate them in their daily work. At the same time, the experts at Vadea AG remain firmly planted in reality so that they can keep a watchful eye on practical feasibility and comply with the specific requirements of their customers. This explains why our engineers have gained such an excellent reputation with customers – they are able to plan far ahead, yet still remain pragmatic when it comes to planning the implementation.

Independent and equipped for the future
Independent in thought and action: this is not only an attribute which applies to owner-run enterprises. Vadea AG also acts independently and neutrally in its business relations with suppliers. We avoid potential conflicts of interest between planners and installers. However, what customers appreciate most is the stability and security that emanates from the strong parent company. When viewed from this aspect, Vadea AG is equipped for the future as well as for the next generation.