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We are a leading, well-established Swiss provider of energy and building services planning throughout the whole of German-speaking Switzerland. At our two sites in Wallisellen and St.Gallen, we prepare the conception and coordination of all energy and building technology requirements both for new buildings as well as for conversions and modernisations. We can offer special technical competence and expertise in the fields of pharmaceuticals, clean-room technology, hospital construction, swimming pool water systems and – now also – in fire protection. We are planners with heart and soul. We follow a holistic approach based on proximity to the construction site.

Jalina Rubli hat im Sommer erfolgreich die Lehre zur Gebäudetechnikplanerin Lüftung bei Vadea AG abgeschlossen und im Herbst an den SwissSkills den 3....

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The requirements placed on air-conditioning systems in clean rooms are extremely high. The major factors that play an essential role here are measuring and control technology, process media, surfaces and the staff. Quality, safety and environmental technologies must meet the highest standards.

More information on the pharmaceutical industry and laboratory buildings.



Health Care

We have equipped many new hospital buildings and renovations. Operation theatres and emergency wards in new and refurbished buildings have been implemented according to our design specifications. We therefore succeed in fulfilling the high requirements demanded in hospital buildings.

More information of hospital and health care buildings.




We help obtain precise research results. Switzerland is a country where remarkable innovations and research findings are achieved when compared on an international scale. Facilities such as laboratories and test centres are required to meet high standards.

More information on education and research.




Industrial and commercial buildings place high demands on functionality and comfort. Large open-plan offices flooded with light frequently have different cooling load requirements and their design must be devised with the necessary foresight and flexibility.

More information on industrial and commercial buildings.




Der Bereich Hotellerie, Freizeit und Erholung stellt vielfältige Anforderungen an Bauprojekte. Wir haben schon viele flexible Konzepte entwickelt und zeitgerecht umgesetzt. Sei es für Zimmer, Bäder, Restaurants, Bar und Lobby, Konferenzräume, Rezeption, SPA/Wellness oder Backoffice.

More information on the Hotellerie, Freizeit und Erholung.


Future requirements such as flexibility, high reliability, architectural integration, convenience and comfort must be decided when infrastructure buildings are in their design phase. Other factors such as operating costs and environmental aspects are also addressed during this phase.

More information on infrastructure buildings and museums.





The optimized use of building services is a major factor in office and administrative buildings. Projects like these require a lot of experience and expertise when it comes to building services since optimum comfort enhances the well-being, productivity and satisfaction of the employees who work there.

More information on office and administrative buildings.

Resident. Housing

Rising costs in the building land sector make it more and more difficult to obtain a profit from developing residential properties. This situation presents design teams with special challenges.

More information on residential housing.